Landing in My Present 

Mary Walker Clark



ISBN: 978-1-55571-985-2
Pages: 218



A Father, a Daughter, and the Singular Himalayan Journey that Reunited Them . . .

“With the numerous photos, the short chapters, and lots of white space, Landing in My Present is a quick but fully satisfying reading experience. Clark’s writing is clean and effective in not only informing readers but forcing them to reflect and possibly experience a lump in the throat or tear in the eye.” —Hall Ways, Owner, Lone Star Literary Life

Mary Walker Clark barely knew her father. When he died, he left not only the obvious void every teen would experience, but took with him scores of Indiana Jones-style tales about flying the Hump, a treacherous series of US missions that transported supplies over the Himalayas to China during World War II.

It would take a chance interview with a pilot who had flown with her father in the war to launch a series of extraordinary journeys — into a shrouded past and halfway around the globe to India and China — for Clark to finally come to know the father whose absence had haunted her for decades.

Landing in My Present chronicles the adventures of a daughter who chose to pry open a painful past while enlarging her view of an adventurous father long thought lost.

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