A Door Left Open 

Richard Craig Anderson



ISBN: 978-1-55571-979-1
Pages: 308



A Door Left Open is a gripping adventure story that I could not put down until I reached its emotionally rewarding end.” — Dr. Scott Simon Fehr, Psychologist, Professor and Best-selling Author

In A Door Left Open, a high school drop-out dares all to live his dreams. RICK ANDERSON became a firefighter in 1971, morphed into a highly decorated Maryland State Police trooper, and went on to accept a position as a counter-terrorist operative.

Along the way he developed into an accomplished aviator, world-class scuba diver, author and global traveler, who when not living in a Micronesian paradise or a Bosnian war zone, bungee jumped in Bangkok, crawled through caves in Croatia, and glided over Greenland’s glaciers.

But the pursuit of dreams came with a price tag: it meant dealing with crippling grief and personal setbacks. And yet these challenges were more than matched by the unbridled happiness and contentment that came not only by living those dreams, but from the relationships and friendships he made along the way.

A Door Left Open is an adventure, a love affair with life, and a story with a startling emotional reward at the end.

“Rocky nails it again. I couldn’t put this book down. He and I worked together as state troopers, and Rocky was always on top of things. A Door Left Open is entertaining, admirably frank, and deeply moving.” —Sheriff Mike Lewis, Wicomico County Sheriff’s Office

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