Started in 1997, Hellgate Press is named after the historic Hellgate Canyon on the Rogue River (just a few miles from our office), which was the first river in the United States to be designated as a wild and scenic river. So, we like to think that the books we publish reflect the rugged yet subtle nature of this incredible river canyon. While our primary niche is Military History and Veteran Memoirs, we also offer a wide selection of Historical and Adventure Fiction, as well as non-fiction Adventure Travel.

We also have two other imprints: Grid Press and Paloma Books. We established Grid Press a few years back for those books that we want see published, but don’t quite fit our Hellgate Press niche. Here you’ll find books on such wide ranging topics as caring for elderly parents, humorous fiction with a political slant, and much more to come.

Paloma Books is our newest imprint, specializing in books for children, teens and young adults. To see our complete catalog, please visit palomabooks.com.


Our books are distributed nationwide to independent and chain booksellers and retailers, as well as discount houses, libraries, and book clubs through Ingram and/or Amazon KDP. Our ebooks are available through online retailers including Amazon.com, Barnes and Noble and iBooks.

Submitting a Book Proposal

If you want to know if we would consider publishing your work, please DO NOT CALL to describe the book over the phone. Instead, email a brief query that includes an overview of your book and tells us a little something about you, the author. If we’re interested, we’ll ask to see the entire manuscript.


Email Us with Questions

Please use the form on the CONTACT US page for questions concerning Hellgate Press or Grid Press.