We are always looking for interesting, well-written manuscripts that fit with our overall mix and mission. We are interested in the following subjects/genres:

  • Non-fiction Veteran Memoirs or Non-fiction Military History.
  • Non-fiction Adventure Travel tales are always welcome, particularly if you have accomplished some extraordinary feat such as walking around the world or sailing solo across the Atlantic.
  • Well written, fast-paced Historical or Adventure Fiction
  • Books for Children, Teens and Young Adults for our newest imprint, Paloma Books.

Quality: We do not expect you to be a published author nor have an absolute mastery of prose. In fact, many of our books come from first-time authors. But, it is a good idea to make sure your query/proposal and manuscript are free of typos and grammatical errors.

Submissions: We prefer a brief query email with a synopsis of what your story is and who you are. If you sufficiently pique our interest, we will then ask for a formal proposal or the entire manuscript. At this time, we accept ONLY electronic submissions. No paper via snail mail and NO phone pitches please.

Turn Around Time: We receive 30-50 queries a month and it takes time to sort through them all, so we do ask that you exercise patience and compassion while waiting for us to respond. We will try our very best to do so within 2-3 weeks. However, if you have not heard from us in that time, please feel free to email us a follow-up. Just because we don’t get back to you in the time frame mentioned, doesn’t mean we’re not interested–rather that we’re swamped with queries. When we do respond, we will ask for the entire manuscript. From that point, our response time varies, but is typically no more than another 2-3 weeks.

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