Leadership: A View from the Middle – Lessons from an Aircraft Maintainer 

Mitchell Boling



ISBN: 978-1-55571-943-2
Pages: 300


“…an important contribution to the study of leadership. Whereas most books focus on the top of the organization, Boling shows how you can lead from wherever you are. This is a book I will give to all the leaders and aspiring leaders in my organization.” 

—Jon S. Rennie, President & CEO, Peak Demand Inc.

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LEADERSHIP: A VIEW FROM THE MIDDLE offers a refreshing perspective from a leader in “the middle” of the workforce, down in the weeds with millions of other like-minded people. Part leadership lesson and part memoir, it presents true stories of the author’s leadership experiences over two lengthy careers in the U.S. Air Force and afterward.

A career aircraft maintainer, Mitch Boling spent twenty-five years working on and sometimes flying in the F-16 Fighting Falcon. He uses these experiences to deliver leadership lessons that would be helpful to anyone seeking to navigate their way out of the middle and onto upper management and leadership positions.


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