Playing Chess with God—A Novel 

Verne R. Albright



ISBN: 9781555719197
Pages: 325


Voted Online Book Club’s 2019 Book of the Year!

Henning Dietzel, at the urging of a Chilean prostitute named Encinas, investigates rumors of gold in California prior to the 1849 rush. Intrigued he heads to the Gold Country to stake his claim. When others flee a brutal winter, Henning perseveres, and by the time the Forty-Niners arrive, he’s already a wealthy young man.

His saga is a sweeping tale of fortune and misfortune, discovery and tragedy, love and loss. From the backwaters and boardrooms of early San Francisco to malaria infested jungles and a guano island off the coast of Peru, Henning’s search for meaning and purpose eventually brings him to realize that all that glitters is not necessarily gold.

What Readers Are Saying:
Rich cast of characters…Didn’t want to put it down…Would make a delightful gift…Looking forward to more books by this author…Clever dialogue…Intriguing and fascinating…Brilliantly written!…
Press Reviews:
“Written by an author with a genuine flair for originality, deftly crafted narrative storytelling, and a knack for creating memorable characters.” —Midwest Book Review

Named the Number One Bestseller by the Calgary Herald—Calgary, Alberta, Canada—February 2019!


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