Hugh Sullivan


The Adventures of a Navy Hospital Corpsman


ISBN: 9781555717728
Pages: 218

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DOC! is the story of Hugh Sullivan, who began his military career in 1961 when he enlisted in the South Carolina National Guard. Later that year, he joined the U.S. Navy in order to “escape the cotton mill way of life” that awaited most of the young men who grew up in Hugh’s town.

Trained as a hospital corpsman, Hugh—or “Doc” as Navy corpsmen are often called—served two tours in Vietnam in 1965 and again in 1966. Afterwards, he made a career out of the Navy eventually retiring after thirty-nine years active duty with the rank of captain and an impressive collection of medals and awards.

What happened in between enlistment and retirement—including his time served during Operation Desert Storm in the 1990s—is a story of perseverance and determination, and a lesson in how to succeed in the military despite the politics and egos one encounters on the way up through the ranks.

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