All Present and Accounted For 

Steven J. Craig



ISBN: 978-1-55571-964-7
Pages: 276



Winner of the Military Writers Society of America’s 2020 Silver Medal for Historical Nonfiction and a Finalist for Nonfiction History Book of the Year in the Independent Author Network Awards!

The 1972 Alaska Grounding of the U.S. Coast Guard Cutter Jarvis and the Heroic Efforts that Saved the Ship…

It was late November—one of the coldest periods to be on a ship near Alaska. The Coast Guard Cutter Jarvis had run aground during a severe storm and was taking on water. The engine room flooded, disabling the engines. Mountainous seas and gale force winds pounded the Jarvis, and to make matters worse, the ship was floating toward a rocky coastline that would surely destroy it and probably kill most, if not all, of the men.

The ship’s captain ordered an emergency message be sent to the Seventeenth Coast Guard District Office in Juneau requesting Coast Guard assistance. But there were no Coast Guard assets near enough to provide immediate help.

At 7:04 p.m., for one of the few times in Coast Guard history, a MAYDAY call for help would come from a Coast Guard vessel.

This is the incredible story of the grounding and near sinking of the USCGC Jarvis and how her crew fought to save their ship—and themselves—from disaster.

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“[The] type of sea tale that can keep you on the edge of your seat as Craig tells the hour-by-hour account of the blinding snowstorm, high seas, and tempestuous winds that result in damage to the ship—leaving it without power and being driven toward the rocks of Akutan Island, Alaska….History buffs will find plenty of footnotes, documentation, and appendices. More casual readers will enjoy the well-written account which includes quotes and remembrances of the men who served on the Jarvis during this ordeal.” —Military Writers Society of America

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