In the Arena 

Cathy Maziarz



ISBN: 978-1-954163-23-2
Paperback: Pages: 346



In the Arena: A Plebe’s Life at the United States Naval Academy

I had stepped out of the arena in 1995…and locked away the memories of a battle deep inside my heart. Eight years later, a small boy entered into my life and with him the key.

The sights, the sounds, the questions of a child forced me to relive the battle…to understand it more clearly…and to unlock what I would ultimately share with others.

This is a true story of my life as a Plebe at the United States Naval Academy. It is written as a series of flashbacks that occurred as I stepped back into the area—as a civilian and with my four-year-old nephew at my side.

I never intended to write this story, and I am hoping that the purpose for it will be revealed. Maybe it is simply to give an outsider, a glimpse into; to thank those who have gone before or to encourage those who may soon follow.

All that I can hope for is that it will inspire you to live your life “In the Arena.”


Proceeds from the sale of this book will go to Run To Honor, an all-volunteer charity that seeks to remember the over 2,700 men and women in the Naval Academy’s Memorial Hall. The mission is to honor Naval Academy Alumni lost in combat or military operations in service to our nation: “In a spirit of camaraderie and through participation in athletic and memorial events, we perpetuate the memory of our fallen brothers and sisters and express support for the families they leave behind.”

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