Tales from the Road 

Bob Haworth



ISBN: 978-1-954163-58-4
Pages: 404



Tales from the Road: The Life of an Itinerant Folk Musician As Lived by Bob Haworth

“…If you want to laugh, and hear about how difficult – and rewarding – the music business can be for someone with the dream and hard work ethic, (without being a ‘superstar’), check out Bob Haworth’s Tales from the Road, and you will have a fun ride.” —John McEuen, musician, author of  The Life I Picked, member of CMA/AFM/SAG-AFTRA/IBMA/BMI

Many amateur and semi-professional musicians dream of going on the road as a member of a popular band or singing group. Even on a professional level, few have the opportunity to experience that first-hand, and yet the lure and curiosity about such a life lingers. Bob Haworth was fortunate to have recorded and performed world-wide as a member of two of the most successful singing groups in the folk music genre—and this book tells his story.

Stepping in to replace a departing member of The Brothers Four in 1970, Bob toured internationally and recorded over a dozen albums with the group. Then in 1985, Bob Shane of The Kingston Trio asked Haworth to jump ship and come sing with him. Over the next twenty years he logged thousands of miles on the road and accumulated enough stories to fill a book. Fans have begged Bob for years to take them backstage and provide a glimpse of life traveling on the road with a major entertainment act, and now the tales can be told.

The tales Bob tells in this book will give the reader a virtual seat on the tour bus. Ride along with Bob and vicariously live the adventures, laugh at the wacky misadventures and get a sense of the life of an itinerant folk musician.

All this without ever leaving the comfort of your living room couch!

“I saw The Kingston Trio play their very first college concert on the campus of the University of Oklahoma in ’56 or ’57 ( look it up!). I already loved folk music but I was unprepared for the explosive performance that blew me away that night…These guys made it impossible for me to do anything else with my life, for which I thank them sincerely.”  Tom Paxton, musician

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