Mark Air: A Levi Hart Thriller 

Richard Craig Anderson


LEARN ABOUT AUTHOR Richard Craig Anderson

ISBN: 9781555719258
Pages: 340


Levi Hart is at it again…

Levi Hart must fight a two-front war. One pits him against a terrorist. The other puts him at odds with all he stands for as he leads a team of counter-terrorist operatives to stop Eric Langer, an uber-right-winger out to start a home-grown war that will see Christians battling Muslims.

Langer’s scheme is inspired by rumors of a defunct airline’s involvement in false flag operations. He designs his own false flag ops to arouse a population and incite them to violence, a mood in which the first casualty is truth. But when Langer learns that Levi stands in the way, he targets Levi’s young nephew and plunges him into a living hell in an effort to intimidate the team into backing off.

But Levi’s not backing down. After he and an aging FBI agent piece together Langer’s plan and learn its ruthless and vicious nature, Levi decides to use the nephew as a sacrificial lamb to help take Langer down. However, Langer has sent a cunning operative of his own to kill Levi—an operative Levi doesn’t recognize until it’s almost too late.


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