The Long Goodbye 

Michael Archer


Khe Sanh Revisited


ISBN: 9781555717940
Pages: 400

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Winner of Foreword magazine’s 2016 INDIE FAB Book of the Year award (War & Military category)

“…An exceptional book on many counts. It is very well researched and generously documented. As it is largely autobiographical, the book conveys to the reader a significant you-are-there quality. Plus, there is an element of mystery to this story, which covers more than four decades…” —The VVA Veteran


In the closing hours of the defense of Khe Sanh Combat Base, the longest and bloodiest battle of the Vietnam War, Tom Mahoney inexplicably walked away from his platoon, unarmed, and was shot to death by enemy soldiers hiding nearby. His fellow Marines made several desperate attempts to recover their well-liked comrade, but were finally forced to leave him behind—though never forgotten.


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