Flight Line 

Thomas R. Combs



ISBN: 9781555719104
Pages: 236


Flight Line: The Adventures of a Vietnam Veteran AC-130 Crew Chief

The year is 1969. Neil Armstrong walks on the moon. Upstate New York hosts an outdoor concert called Woodstock. The Vietnam war rages on. Tom Combs, a young man from Seattle, faces certain draft induction. He decides upon the United States Air Force as the best choice of service.

Then it’s Basic Training, technical school for jet mechanics, assistant crew chief on a C-130 at Dyess AFB, Texas, a stint in the Middle East and eventually, he’s assigned to the most prestigious squadron of aircraft in S.E. Asia: The 16th Special Operations Squadron of AC-130s. Call sign: SPECTRE.

FLIGHTLINE offers a unique “behind-the-scenes” look at how maintenance crews keep their airplanes flying—and fighting—all from the point of view of a seasoned Vietnam veteran Air Force Crew Chief.

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