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Henry “Rocky” Colavita


Memoir of An Angry Skipper

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ISBN: 9781555717827
Pages: 268

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From an early age Henry “Rocky” Colavita dreamed of becoming an Army officer. And a policeman. He eventually did both. His engaging, often funny memoir covers the author’s 20 year career in the U.S. Army, including multiple tours in Vietnam, and his subsequent 17 year career in law enforcement. Henry was born in New Jersey, raised in Hawaii for a time and grew up in Virginia where most of his schoolmates were Army brats. But his next door neighbor was a cop. The perfect situation for him to develop an affinity for service, both military and public. Wounded in Vietnam on his first tour, he returned for a second tour, this time as Infantry captain in command. He returned home, age 28, and continued his military career–including a stint at The Pentagon and in Berlin, eventually retiring in 1983 and beginning his second career–in law enforcement.

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