Phantom in the River 

Gary Wayne Foster


The Flight of Linfield Two Zero One


ISBN: 9781555716646
Pages: 230

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On May 14, 1967, a US Navy F-4B Phantom II jet, flown by Ev Southwick and Jack Rollins, launched from the USS Kitty Hawk. Their F-4 was rendered disabled while flying a mission against the formidable air defenses of the Thanh Hoa Bridge in North Vietnam. They did not return to their carrier. The two airmen ejected and were taken prisoner.

PHANTOM IN THE RIVER is the fascinating account of the plane`s flight and of the two pilots` heroic survival.

Also included is the story of the author’s trip to Vietnam in 2004. Along with the two Navy airmen, the group reunite with the wreckage of the pilots` Phantom. What results is an emotional visit to the bridge and site of their capture 37 years earlier.

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