Charlie Chasers 

Larry Elton Fletcher


History of USAF AC-119 “Shadow” Gunships in the Vietnam War

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ISBN: 9781555717315
Pages: 328

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Author and pilot, Larry Fletcher hits the target top dead center as he vividly chronicles the USAF AC-119 Shadow/Stinger gunship missions in Vietnam and Cambodia. Fletcher’s extensive combat experience and education background give him a decided advantage in writing this outstanding account of the men whose job was to “fly and fight!” –Earl Farney, Col, USAF (Ret)

CHARLIE CHASERS tells the amazing story of the AC-119 “Shadow” gunships and the crews of the 71st Special Operations Squadron and the 17th Special Operations Squadron who wreaked havoc on the enemy during the Vietnam War. The fixed-wing aircraft provided close-fire support to U.S. and friendly troops with the ability to fire up to 6,000 rounds per minute delivered with deadly accuracy. Ground troops came to rely on the AC-119 as dependable aerial defenders of fire support bases, air bases, Special Forces camps, villages, hamlets, and remote outposts.

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