Where We Were in Vietnam 

Michael P. Kelley



ISBN: 9781954163454
Pages: 848



Hellgate Press is proud to publish THE definitive guide to the installations & warships of the Vietnam War. The culmination of more than seven years of research, it is the ultimate guide to the military geography of the American War in Vietnam. It also includes references to numerous battle sites and forts of the French War.

With more than 16,000 entries, WHERE WE WERE IN VIETNAM covers the entire Indochina Theater including Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, and both North and South Vietnam. Each entry attempts to provide as much of the following as could be identified: name, grid coordinate, relative location, a.k.a. names, origin of name, dates built and dismantled, who constructed the base, major units occupying the base, dates of major attacks, unique features, alternate grids, province and military region. Identified within the text are some 6,000 named firebases and LZs, 2,000 airfields, and the names of more than 700 U.S. and ANZAC warships and contract vessels that served within the Vietnam Combat Zone.