Life in the French Foreign Legion 

Evan McGorman


How to Join and What to Expect When You Get There


ISBN: 1555716334
Pages: 216


“First let me say that I would not recommend joining the French Foreign Legion to anyone.”

With that disclaimer, author Evan McGorman begins a fascinating, first-person account of his French Foreign Legion experience, from the pure, heart-pounding rush of his first day at Fort De Nogent, to his time in Sarajevo at the height of the war, to his final week of service five years later.

Beyond McGorman`s bittersweet personal experiences, this definitive handbook covers nearly every aspect of Legion life including where to go to enlist, what to expect during boot camp, how to make friends (and avoid making enemies), how to survive, and two chapters dedicated to desertion. Includes numerous photos, maps, and the words to a dozen Legion songs.