The Funny Thing About War 

Al Campo



ISBN: 9781555718084
Pages: 426

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An historical fiction account of the crew of a guided missile destroyer, at war and play, during the latter years of the Vietnam War…

Meet Chris Columbo. Twenty-two years old, intelligent, well spoken—once a promising U.S. naval officer candidate. But at college, his plans and dreams are shattered by the woman he deeply loves. Disillusioned about life in general, he falls into an abyss of self-pity, resigns his ROTC scholarship, abandons his studies, drops out and embarks on a downward spiral, eventually hitting rock bottom.

But all is not lost as he receives orders to report for active duty with the U.S. Navy, an organization to which he is contractually bound.  In spite of his recent opposition to the war, desperation forces him to honor the terms of his contract and he soon finds himself aboard the the USS Lawrence, a guided missile destroyer, deployed as an active participant in the Lam Son and Linebacker operations off the coasts of South and North Vietnam.

THE FUNNY THING ABOUT WAR, an historical fiction, provides a sailor’s perspective of the Vietnam War through the exploits of Chris and his shipmates. Sometimes challenging, often humorous, Chris’s experiences will change him forever, leading him to embrace his life and future. Now, if he can just survive his final mission.

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Impressively well written throughout, “The Funny Thing About War” offers a solidly absorbing and highly entertaining read from beginning to end. Very highly recommended for community library General Fiction collections. —Midwest Book Review, Feb. 2016

“…I highly recomment this novel to those who want to  know what it was like to serve in the Navy off the coast of Vietnam…Have faith that no other veteran has taken the care Campo has to get it right.” —David Wilson, The VVA Veteran at Vietnam Veterans of America

“…All in all this is an engaging story about an aspect of the war in Vietnam that has been largely ignored…It is a tale worth telling and a tale worth reading.” —Patrick Shrier,

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