Sword and Scalpel 

Larry Rogers, M.D.


A Doctor Looks Back at Vietnam


ISBN: 9781555717667
Pages: 368

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“Dr. Rogers has written one of the most exciting books about war I have ever read . . . Buy it and read it now. You will never forget it.” – Brigadier General James E. Shelton, U.S. Army (Ret.), author of The Beast Was Out There


A fascinating memoir detailing the life and experiences of Dr. Larry Rogers, MD, who volunteered to serve as a medical doctor in Vietnam during the most intense phase of fighting–the days and months leading up to the infamous Tet Offensive. Slogging through streams and jungle, he and his colleagues weathered not only fire fights and rockets attacks but scorpions and deadly snakes. But he also experienced stunning medical triumphs, including returning life to a soldier left for dead in a makeshift morgue and resuscitating another by hastily jerry-rigging a defibrillator from an auxiliary generator and strips of radio-antenna wire. A riveting portrait of survival and healing during a time of war.


“Simultaneously entertaining and serious, Sword and Scalpel is clearly an important book.”
– Clark Watts, M. D., Former Chief of Neurosurgery, University of Missouri, Editor of the journal, Neurosurgery, Brigadier General, Medical Corps, USAR (Ret.)

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