Larry Kipp



ISBN: 978-1-954163-42-3
Paperback: Pages: 262



Smallwar: My Twenty-Seven Months as a Medic in Vietnam

[SMALLWAR] is both relatable and fascinating. Larry writes with an interesting and engaging but casual style, and sometimes sly humor that is powerful without undue drama. It is well worth the time to read and I highly recommend it.” —CW2 John Murray, Call Sign: “Dustoff 48” 1968-69

From the Author’s Notes:

Well, it’s time to write down what I remember about Vietnam and Army life, and the Vietnam Veterans Against the War, our family arguments regarding the ’Nam policy, and all that, in no particular order. I’m calling this collection of stories Smallwar, in honor of a quotation by Max Lerner: “Small wars are always teetering on the brink of becoming big ones.”
I just want to jot some things down that will serve to jog my memory. But, before that, I just want to say that this collection of remembrances, are just tiny vignettes of the life I have lived in the military. I am not morally superior. I am not hurt more than the average GI who went to ’Nam. I am nothing special…But I hope these small remembrances may live on a bit longer.
I especially want my son to read these—not so much to understand anything in particular—but to share with him a part of me that existed long before he was born. Perhaps, if I really finish this, he may pass these “war stories” on to his children….

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