Journey to Marseilles 

Dennis Billuni



ISBN: 978-1-55571-874-9
Pages: 316

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Inspired by actual events, Journey to Marseilles follows two young Americans: Sam DiFranco, an idealistic G.I., and Rebecca Smit, a teenage expatriate living in the Netherlands. They each struggle for survival in a story of close camaraderie and desperate courage during World War II.

Sam battles the Vichy French in North Africa and the Nazis on the battlefields of Sicily, Salerno, and Anzio, confronting bloody killing grounds and his own reckless heroism. In occupied Amsterdam, Rebecca works in the Dutch Resistance, delivering forged documents to fleeing Jews and smuggling a downed flier out of the city.

Can they overcome fear, grief, and the crucible of the Third Reich’s holocaust and still return to the homes they once knew?

What Others Are Saying About Journey to Marseilles:

“A gripping story of heroism and sacrifice during World War II. First-time author Billuni is definitely a budding talent on the literary horizon.” —Mike Sirota, award-winning author of the thriller, Freedom’s Hand, and the historical novel, Stone Woman.

“Meticulously researched with realistic dialogue…belongs on the top shelf of any collection of classic World War II novels…Hollywood, are you paying attention?” —Robert Reed, author of Lost Black Sheep: The Search for WWII Ace Chris McGee

“It’s an extraordinary boy-meets-girl tale of bravery, loss, and honor. Don’t miss it!” —Mike Farris, author of the Amazon bestseller A Death in the Islands: The Unwritten Law and The Last Trial of Clarence Darrow

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