A Time for War 

Ronald Wheatley


Veterans’ Stories from One American Town: Scituate, Massachusetts


ISBN: 9781555718145
Pages: 370

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“This work, fashioned over 20 years, is a marvelous testament to the diversity of those who have participated in American conflicts and of their many and sundry expressions of patriotism…a valuable historical record of martial valor that’s well-researched, intelligently organized, and lovingly offered. An engaging journalistic account of American military and civilian service during wartime.” —Kirkus Reviews

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“Marking major events throughout our great American history, Ron Wheatley captures the humanity of experiences of soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines in a folksy and heart rending manner. The reader will gain insight, understanding and greater appreciation for life and liberty.” —Peter A. Kind, Lieutenant General, United States Army, Retired

“Ronald Wheatley’s book, about the life and service of warriors from hometown America, touched me deeply. His ability to capture the unique characteristics of our friends and families military service is quite impressive. The stories speak to what is best about our country; the selfless American heart and soul. Through the life, and in some cases the death, of these great patriots, each has demonstrated an unwavering commitment to others, as they hold nothing back to create a better life for us all. Ronald Wheatley is an inspiration and his book is a MUST READ for those seeking a poignant look into the character, service and sacrifice of rural Americans in military duty.” —L. Scott ‘CATFISH’ Rice, Maj Gen, MA NG, The Adjutant General