Mogens Høirup 

Howard H. Kulin


An Extraordinary Story of an Ordinary Man

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ISBN: 9781555716615
Pages: 120


In 1944, Mogens Høirup, a humble history teacher with two daughters, a loving wife and a successful boarding school, finds his beloved homeland suddenly overrun by the Germans. He and his fellow Danes soon begin to realize that the Nazi occupation is far from benevolent. Motivated by a deep sense of justice and love of country, he becomes a leader of the local Jutland resistance only to be quickly captured and imprisoned.

Frightened, his resolve shaken, he nevertheless survives the horrors of Neuengamme Concentration Camp and returns home with lessons his students–and the world.

Through original communications and family photos, MOGENS HØIRUP, written by Mogens Høirup’s daughter and son-in-law, provides rare insight into this “quiet hero” of the Danish Resistance. Gripping and tender, his story and words are as relevant today as they were more than a half century ago.