The G Stands for Guts 

Mark B. Bagley


A Glider Pilot Remembers WWII


ISBN: 9781954163546
Pages: 188


One day, according to legend (and more than a few WWII glider pilots), several power plane pilots were ribbing a group of glidermen about the “G” in the center of their pilot’s wings. “What’s that stand for? Greenhorn? Grounded?” “No,” answered one of the glidermen. “It stands for Guts!” And so was born the glider pilot’s motto–a true testament to a rare breed of courageous aviators.

THE G STANDS FOR GUTS tells the story of military gliders and the men who soared–and died–in them. From the invasion of Normandy to campaigns in Sicily and Holland, Mark Bagley flew, fought and survived using his wits, talents…and guts. In addition, he trained countless others to become glider pilots and received numerous commendations for his service.