Finding Yesterday 

Jim Dane


A Practical Guide to Uncovering Your Family History


ISBN: 9781555717117


For most of his life, author and genealogical researcher Jim Dane thought he was a mixture of German and English, with possibly a little Scandinavian thrown in for good measure. But after doing a rather simple search, he discovered his relatives had come to California by way of Kentucky. With a bit more time and effort, he was able to trace his American ancestors all the way back to the Revolutionary War and then “across the pond” to Ireland and Scotland!

This is Jim Dane’s remarkable story of finding his ancestral roots. And now it can just as easily be yours as Jim shares with you simple, effective methods that anyone can use to discover the fascinating—and sometimes surprising—details about one’s family history.

Let Jim Dane show you how to:

  • Obtain important historical documents for free
  • Use military records to uncover hidden clues about your ancestors
  • Make the most out of your Internet searches
  • And so much more…
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