Still West of Nowhere! 

Nancy Quinn



ISBN: 9781555719920
Pages: 410


More Tales from The Cimarron: The Continuing Saga of the Quinn Family’s Montana Homestead…

There is a mystique about the American West, with its beauty and sense of freedom, which reaches out to the rugged individualist in each of us and continues to beckon the hearts of aspiring pioneers. Do any of these traditional concepts of the Old West remain viable today? Is it possible to successfully blend city and country lifestyles?

Find out by reading the true ongoing outdoor, wildlife, and survival adventures of Nancy Quinn and her family, modern day westerners who left the conveniences of urban comfort to face the dangers and hardships of life on a mountain in rural Montana.

Written with the same style, humor, and perseverance that originated in Nancy’s first book, the award winning Go West, Young Woman!, and continued in its popular sequel, Stay West, Young Woman!, her latest saga, Still West of Nowhere, recounts their most recent escapades as they continue to adapt to their wilderness homestead.

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