Cobra Clearance 

Richard Craig Anderson


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ISBN: 9781555717292
Pages: 318


The world economy is already in severe crisis when Amahl, a cunning Middle Eastern fanatic, butchers Morgan Melchior—America’s second black president—on live TV. Amahl’s name is linked with that of Brent Kruger, a homegrown terrorist and leader of a white supremacist cult. And the two of them are just getting started.Enter Dragon Team—an elite special ops group led by former FBI agent Levi Hart. Its mission: Waylay a plot by two of the world’s most dangerous terrorists to assassinate President Melchior’s successor and cause global economic collapse.But when Levi goes undercover to infiltrate Kruger’s gang of violent skinheads, he gets cut off from his backup team and has to go it alone. Now it’s anybody’s game to win, and the good guys are running out of time.

UPDATE: COBRA CLEARANCE recently named a finalist in the Florida Writer’s Association 2014 Royal Palm Literary Award Competition. Winners to be announced on Oct. 25th, 2014.


“Pure nitroglycerine! A blood-rush of a thriller, told by a man who’s been there, done that, and gotten his hands dirty defending our country for real.” — Bestselling author Shane Gericke, Torn Apart

“The intrigue and tension unfold with increasingly greater surprises on each successive page. Move over James Bond, Levi Hart is on the job!” — Matthew J. Pallamary, author of Spirit Matters and the thrilling novel and stage hit, Land Without Evil


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