A Man of His Word 

Michael Archer


The Life & Times of Nevada’s Senator William J. Raggio



ISBN: 9781555716806
Pages: 672 (Hardcover)

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William J. Raggio is one of Nevada’s best known and most admired citizens. A native Nevadan, his public service began in 1952 and ended in 2011, over eighteen years as a prosecutor and more than thirty-eight years as a legislator, achieving national prominence in both sectors and setting a record for the longest serving public official in Nevada’s history—fifty-six years! During his tenure as the most influential leader in the history of the Nevada Legislature, he was often referred to by both admirers and critics as “Nevada’s Shadow Governor.”

In A Man of His Word, author Michael Archer chronicles the amazing life of this legendary Nevadan—a story set against the backdrop of the continuously evolving political and social structure of Nevada itself. In the end, it proves a cautionary tale of what can happen when civility and compassion in the political arena are replaced by partisanship and extremism, and stands as a tribute to one man’s courage to oppose such forces regardless of the cost.