Tower 13 

Nathan Ritzo



ISBN: 9781555717902
Pages: 266

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or Sergeant Mathew Duffy, U.S. Army, Camp Victory, Baghdad, Iraq in 2004 was a hot, hostile environment. A place where he experienced two distinct worlds of conflict. One, in which a determined enemy attacked on a daily basis. The other, where a battle of military careers and politics was being fought.

And yet in the midst of it all, he discovered moments of quiet, natural beauty, and even love. Most of the time, though, none of it made any sense at all.

Tower 13 is Sgt. Duffy’s story of life at Camp Victory during Operation Iraqi Freedom II, and his assignment to take to the guard tower with two other soldiers on the night of Saddam Hussein’s arraignment—July 1, 2004. Thanks to the media’s careless broadcasting of Saddam Hussein’s location, Sgt. Duffy and his team would face numerous dangers from within as well as without.
Based on the actual experiences of soldiers who were there, Tower 13 affords the reader an intimate, realistic account of a soldier’s day-to-day life at war.

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