Paul Fattig

Contrary to what he sometimes tell folks with tongue held firmly in cheek, Paul wasn’t actually raised by wolves. But it is true his grandparents homesteaded in the beautiful Applegate Valley, and that he, like his siblings and his father before him, was born and reared in Southwestern Oregon where they all ran rampant in the mountains, making wolves exceedingly nervous. After a less than stellar scholastic career, he managed to graduate from the University of Oregon, majoring in journalism. Over the subsequent decades, he was able to convince more than a dozen newspaper editors from Alaska to California to hire him, decisions which he hopes did not leave a long-lasting blemish on their careers. Upon retiring to become a recovering journalist, he immediately fell off the wagon and started writing books. He lives happily with his wife, Maureen, in their restored but still rustic Sterling Creek cabin with assorted fierce creatures, including a few which she insists don’t bite all that much. His second non-fiction book, Madstone, scheduled to be published in the spring of 2017, will take the reader farther into the Oregon wilds with two World War I draft evaders, both of whom were Paul’s uncles.