S. Fabian Butalla

Sandra Fabian Butalla was born and raised in Toledo, Ohio; graduated from Bowling Green State University; taught junior high school English in Oregon, Ohio, and Los Angeles, California; and taught senior high school English and College Writing at schools in northern Minnesota. She then served as K-12 Media Director for five schools within the St. Louis County Schools District of northern Minnesota, totaling more than thirty-two years of service in the field of education.

She is the author of three books: The Man Who Fell to Earth—the amazing true story of World War II flyboy Robert Givens and his harrowing fall from a B-17 at 20,000 feet over the North Sea; Warbirds in the Cloak of Darkness, which tells the incredible true story of American Airman Robert Holmstrom and the highly-dangerous top-secret missions he flew for the OSS during World War II; and her latest, We Are Not Invisible, in which twenty-six women veterans from varied branches of the service share the enlightening stories of their lives before, during, and after their military service.

Ms. Butalla currently lives in northern Minnesota with her family.