Warbirds in the Cloak of Darkness 

S. Fabian Butalla



ISBN: 9781555719210
Pages: 230


The Amazing True Story of American Airman Robert Holmstrom and the Top Secret ‘Operation Carpetbagger’ During WWII

Waiting in the frozen forest for hours near the border of Nazi Germany, people of the resistance wait for the weapons, supplies, and help from secret agents they so desperately need. They all quietly listen in the darkness for the sound they anxiously anticipate. Finally from a distance, they hear the rumble. It comes from something low in the dark sky, something huge — something black. It is their salvation and it is bringing what they have prayed for.

Enter the world of a young American Airman as Bob Holmstrom becomes part of the dangerous, highly secret “Carpetbagger” missions. With Spies, Special Ops. and Extreme Danger, the Carpetbaggers were “sworn to secrecy for forty years after WWII.”

After more than seventy years, most people have not heard about them or the OSS and its many covert operations during the war. This true story lifts the veil of secrecy on one of America’s best-kept secrets.


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