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Ron Hertz

Ron Hertz grew up in Los Angeles, graduating from Fairfax High just when the Sixties revolution was beginning to explode. Besides an eye-opening year at the University of Edinburgh, he spent his college years at UC Santa Barbara, where nearly 1000 students were arrested in the spring of 1970 as anti-war passions reached their climax. After university, while commuting from seaside Ventura, he taught enthusiastically for thirty-two years at Newbury Park High School, sometimes feeling like a “subversive in suburbia.” That was the title of a poetry/song show Ron performed with his wife, Donna, and friends in Ashland, Oregon. The couple moved to the bucolic, theater-centered town after they both retired from teaching. A proud father and grandfather, Ron is a grateful and animated member of the Rogue Valley Peace Choir, and he is currently working on a new volume of poems to add to his previous collection, Ordinary Miracles.