R.C. Morris

Raymond C. Morris was born in Jefferson City, Missouri and entered the Army at 17. He served in Vietnam from 1964-1970 and retired from active duty in 1985 after 26 years in the military. Like many other veterans of the Vietnam War era, the enemy followed Ray home in the form of Agent Orange. He passed away in February 2022.

His 2004 suspense thriller, Don’t Make the Blackbirds Cry, and psychological thriller, the 2006 Tender Prey, are now available as ebooks. In October 2005, commissioned by the Project Delta members to write their story, his love of Special Forces forced him to place pending fiction novels on the back burner to write The Ether Zone, published by Hellgate Press.

His wife, Brenda, writes in the Epilogue to Gone to Texas: Volume One in the Jericho McCain, Texas Ranger series: “Whenever Ray and I had brief discussions of family items of importance, the topic of his manuscripts always came up. His imagination with writing genres knew no bounds. I always prompted him to save them, which he heeded, and to inform me where they were located. With his creative juices in gear as a storyteller, he left it up to me to manage the business end of his endeavors; it was a team sport. While rummaging through some papers and boxes, I came across a copy of his first manuscript, a Western, only shared with a few friends. Prompted by his spirit, and nudged with inspiration, I reached out to his publisher. ‘Any chance of taking on a Western genre, among your other categories of historical fiction, military memoirs, etc.?’ He responded that he personally LOVED Westerns, and to send it to him for a ‘look.’ Then, while he was taking a ‘look, I discovered another in his manuscript files, same characters, different time.” These two manuscripts–Gone to Texas and When Legends Lived–make up the Jericho McCain, Texas Ranger series.