The Wrath of God—A Novel 

Verne R. Albright



ISBN: 9781555719296
Pages: 332

The exciting sequel to Verne Albright’s “Playing Chess with God”…

Henning Dietzel’s attempt to rebuild his businesses—destroyed by a massive tidal wave—is complicated by a desire to also enjoy a satisfying personal life. Quick to recognize opportunity, he amasses an agricultural empire the size of a small country. But his fortunes rise and fall during three disastrous wars followed by struggles with an unscrupulous competitor, a crooked judge, and a slave trader.

All the while he doggedly courts Martine Prado, a feisty, beautiful, seemingly unattainable Peruvian aristocrat whose liberation is a century ahead of its time. Henning accepts her proposal of a mutually advantageous marriage, which combines their haciendas. Rocky at first, the relationship improves until an astonishing, out-of-nowhere answer to Henning’s prayers threatens to destroy it.

What Readers Are Saying:
Wonderful read…Couldn’t put it down…Many twists and turns…A grand adventure…Takes you on a real adventure, looking forward to what unfolds next…Its twists and turns leave you wanting more!

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