The Romeo 

Richard Craig Anderson



ISBN: 978-1-954163-89-8
Pages: 346 Paperback



The Romeo: A Levi Hart Thriller

“It wasn’t supposed to happen. Not like this, and especially not here. No way. No freakin’ way…”

How far will a man go to protect the people he loves? Harvard student Kid Bailey is about to find out after rogue anarchists prepare a global cyberattack that’ll neutralize electricity worldwide. Worse still, by adding AI to the scheme, these terrorists will shove humanity back into the Middle Ages.

To stop them, elite operatives send an unlikely hero — Kid Bailey — a gay-friendly former model who loves his wife and children, thinks like a PhD but can win a bar fight, while smoothly navigating diverse cultures. It’s why his handlers groomed him to become a Romeo agent.

Despite his blazing intellect, Kid makes little progress before vowing to do whatever it takes in a job where rules don’t apply. But just as he goes full-throttle, a murderous thug forces Kid into a fight for his life.
Now running out of time and with the terrorists about to commence their attack, Kid finally gets a much-needed foothold to avert global disaster, only to come face-to-face with a shocking revelation — one that might stop him dead before the lights go out.


“Anderson’s book is a fast-paced thriller from the first page to the last. His familiarity with the thriller genre guarantees a raucous journey of master storytelling.” — Michael Pallamary, best-selling author of Days of Eight

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