The Blue Diary 

Christopher Findlay



ISBN: 978-1-954163-63-8
Pages: 332



The Blue Diary: A Novel

England, 1941. At Royal Air Force Station Acklington, Northumberland, pilots of RAF 702 Squadron and RCAF 466 Squadron are being pushed to the wall by Nazi Germany’s Luftwaffe. Mysterious accidents keep happening. Unexplained crashes wipe out planes and their crews. Rumours of sabotage begin to spread through the Canadian squadron, rumours that turn to certainty when a top secret mission to neutralize a revolutionary new Luftwaffe radar system goes terribly awry. Desperate and angry, squadron leaders bring their suspicions to the military higher-ups, only to be met with skepticism and even hostility…

Fast forward to Ottawa, 2001. Roger Sampson, a Canadian relative of one of the deceased Squadron 466 pilots, has become intrigued by the wartime mystery. But even now, sixty years after the events in question, Roger finds that his attempts to unearth the truth about the sabotage are being actively thwarted. His only clues are contained in the long-lost blue-cover diary kept by the squadron adjutant, Jim Baldwin. Roger’s quest to find out what really happened at Acklington takes him to Germany and the UK — and face-to-face with a wartime conspiracy so loaded with implications that it is still withheld from the Canadian public sixty years later.

Written by an amateur pilot and enthusiast of wartime aviation history, this mystery novel evokes the grimy, nuts-and-bolts feel of RAF bases during the Second World War…and the harrowing war in the air.

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