Ranch Dressing and a Few Words from the Sage 

Brian M. Biggs



ISBN: 978-1-954163-56-0
Pages: 100


Ranch Dressing and a Few Words of Wisdom from the Sage

Brian M. Biggs, a seasoned ranch owner in rural Oregon, learned the intricacies and art of gardening from his grandfather. This sweet and satisfying memoir doubles as a guide to growing your own produce, including timelines for planting salad ingredients so everything ripens around the same time.

Photos, poems, and recipes are interspersed with family stories and advice on watering, deadheading, maintaining the soil, weeding, and other necessary components of cultivating a hearty and productive garden. With his fifty-plus years of experience, Brian pays particular attention to how to arrange your garden for both aesthetics and convenience.

Ranch Dressing and a Few Words of Wisdom from the Sage is, ultimately, a love story—bountiful with appreciation for family history, the possibilities of seeds and soil, and the schematics of the 50 x 100-foot garden Brian currently tends with his wife, Vicki.

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