Millie Campbell’s Millions 

Stephen L. Goldstein


A Comic Mystery

LEARN ABOUT AUTHOR Stephen L. Goldstein

ISBN: 9781555717742
Pages: 190


Millie Campbell, 75, lives in a trailer park and always wears her “vintage” beret and sneakers. So, the lawyer drafting her will is flabbergasted to learn her secret—that she’s leaving $15 million to three relatives who rarely see her. But after her niece accidentally discovers “the truth,” she ingratiates herself with her aunt. She never lets on that she knows, and her aunt doesn’t have a clue. When her brother finds out, a tug-of-war for Millie’s affection follows. The relatives shower her with gifts (“I don’t need two new TVs,” she laments) and take her everywhere she ever wanted to go—even Paris. At the reading of her will, her heirs feign disbelief when they officially learn about her millions. But they go into shock when the mystery of their source is unraveled!

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