Jeb Bush Outed 

Stephen L. Goldstein


Who He Really Is and Why He Should Never Be President

LEARN ABOUT AUTHOR Stephen L. Goldstein

ISBN: 9781555717803
Pages: 194


The lazier members of the national press and various media pundits often refer to Jeb Bush as a “successful” former Florida governor. But no one knows better than Stephen Goldstein that Jeb’s eight years in office were a disaster, from which the state hasn’t even begun to recover.

Goldstein became an op-ed columnist for the South Florida Sun-Sentinel in 1999—the same year G.W.’s younger brother became governor—and, ever since, has been setting the record straight about Jeb’s failed education reforms, extremist social agenda, trashing of the Constitution, packing the courts with right-wing ideologues, challenging our historic separation of church and state, destroying the middle class, and privatizing taxpayer-funded agencies and services for private profit.

With Jeb having the unmitigated gall to think that the U.S. needs a third Bush in the White House, Jeb Bush Outed is essential reading for everyone who cares about not letting Dick Cheney and the neocons mess with the country again; keeping the Supreme Court from getting an overwhelming radical, right-wing majority; and sending Jeb a message that two Bushes in the White House have already been two too many.

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