Green Card Soldier 

Bruce Zielsdorf



ISBN: 9781555717568
Pages: 400


PLEASE NOTE: This title is currently out of print. Do not order it through our website. There may be used copies available through Amazon or Abe’s Books.

GREEN CARD SOLDIER is the story of Andro Babich—a naïve, but inquisitive Bosnian teenage soccer star—as told by Heath Winslow—a cynical, self-deprecating war correspondent. Set amidst the civil-war ravaged Balkans of the early ’90s, Winslow recounts Andro’s exploits, including his daring escape to America where he receives a green card and joins the U.S. Army, ultimately earning his citizenship and a brand new life.

Eventually he returns to post-war Bosnia-Herzegovina as a U.S. AID worker and discovers, through trial and tribulation, his life’s purpose and his role in the rebirth of his homeland.

“The book’s theme is as fundamental as the core values of an American Soldier: Life can become richer and everyone become stronger when we look beyond stereotypes and appreciate each other for the unique individuals we are. —U.S. Army Maj. Gen. (Ret.) John G. Meyer, Jr.CEO, J. G. Meyer & Associates

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