The Four Pipe Piper 

Ramona Holmes



ISBN: 978-1-954163-13-3
Paperback: Pages: 184



The Four Pipe Piper: The World War II Newspaper of the USS John D. Ford (DD 228)

During World War II, some Navy ships had newspapers to keep the sailors alert and battle-ready. Charles Holmes was a sailor on the USS John D. Ford (DD 228) from 1942-1945. He edited and drew cartoons for the ship’s newspaper, the Four Pipe Piper. The copies of seven of these papers were discovered after he died, and his daughter has researched the ship, the crew, and events during the scope of these papers, February 19 to March 22, 1945.

In these pages, you will learn what life was like on an American destroyer during the final days of World War II. There are optimistic bits of news, funny antics, and the jovial joshing of young sailors entwined with the usual concerns about the War. Also included are numerous photos of Holmes and other crew members, as well as the ship and memorabilia from shore leave. The book also includes photocopies of several issues of the Four Pipe Piper newspaper.

The Four Pipe Piper will be of particular interest to scholars of World War II history, military newspapers, Navy crew life, and to anyone looking to learn more about life aboard a Navy destroyer during wartime.

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