Canoe Trip – North to Athabasca 

David Curran


North to Athabasca


ISBN: 9781555716677
Pages: 136

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In June of 2002, Dave Curran and his friend, Walter, set out to descend by canoe the MacFarlane River, a rarely traveled and extremely remote wilderness river in northern Saskatchewan. and eventually arrive at pristine Lake Athabasca. It is a river journey few have attempted (the first recorded descent was in 1991), passing through an uninhabited region of the vast Canadian north, an area rarely entered and even more rarely written about.

From encounters with bears and black flies to some of the most challenging conditions imaginable, David Curran manages to survive his first foray into true wilderness and writes about his adventure with humor, awe and an adventurer’s appreciation for all things wild. In addition, CANOE TRIP explores the natural and human history of the region and describes the choosing, planning and carrying out of a wilderness canoe trip.

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