Brothers in Arms 

James Downey



ISBN: 978-1-55571-972-2

Pages: 322



Brothers in Arms: Memoirs of Veterans, Victims, Heroes, and Survivors of World War II, Korea & The Vietnam War


The book you are holding is different than most military histories. It offers a fascinating variety of stories that go beyond the battlefields into the lives and experiences of some remarkable individuals. Whether you are a fan of war history, inspiring personal memoirs, geopolitical history, or simply slices of America’s past that you likely won’t learn about in school or the media, you will find all of that and more between the covers. The journeys you will share unfold with pictures and historic documents that bring them vividly to life.

Personal interviews capture unique experiences and vanishing history from WW II, the Korean War, and the Vietnam War, told by those who fought, suffered and labored to defend our freedom. Military pilots, infantry soldiers, seamen, POW’s and civilians share their compelling challenges as they confronted America’s enemies with courage, bullets, sheer determination, and in some of their darkest hours, unshakable faith. Their Purple Hearts, Silver and Bronze Stars, battle ribbons, and even a Congressional Medal of Honor, attest to their valor.

Wars are never fought in a vacuum. In addition to the stories you will read, some thought-provoking questions are raised. Of particular relevance to today’s culture, media coverage of our last major war is examined. Can today’s media create such civil discord that we turn against ourselves as we did not so long ago? By studying our recent past, perhaps we can confront such questions and chart a better future.