Born to Travel 

Jan Frazier


A European Odyssey


ISBN: 9781555717643
Pages: 226


Tasha Nelson – romantic, inquisitive, charming and in need of a break from life after her husband dies – asks for a leave of absence from her teaching job. She wants to get away for six months in order to try to “put life together again.” Little does she realize the extent of what she will discover about her inner-most self during her travels.

Tasha visits some of the most exciting and amazing cities in Europe – London, Amsterdam, Paris, Venice, Verona, Rome, Salzburg. Everywhere she goes, she makes friends who influence her and lead her to important discoveries about the person hiding within. We learn later that these people are not just passing acquaintances but become lifelong friends, and because of them, Tasha’s philosophy and understanding of life is changed forever.

BORN TO TRAVEL is a creative nonfiction – true-life adventures of the author with embellishments of stories intertwined with facts. It’s a book about love, hope, and discovery. The story is meant to be an enduring journey of revelation – not only of within but also of without.

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