Begging for Chocolates 

Richard Allison


A Story of WWII Italy


ISBN: 978-1-55571-862-6
Pages: 406

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Italy, November 1944 and the “forgotten front” of the European war has the Allies bogged down in mud, snow and ice before the formidable Nazi Gothic Line north of Florence, and Italian natives are desperate. Advancing steadily towards Italy are the forces of Tito and Stalin.

The author uses actual accounts in the form of previously unpublished G.I. letters, wartime journals and other historical sources to tell the story of the military, political and espionage efforts by the Western Allies that culminated in the early surrender of Axis forces in all of Italy on May 2, 1945.


Praise for the Author’s First Book: Operation Thunderclap and the Black March

“A vivid portrayal of the horrors of war through the eyes of brave soldiers…” — Midwest Book Review

“The author avoids made up dialogue to liven up the book…would recommend this book for anyone…well researched and written.”— Military Review

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