At the Wolf’s Door 

Chaz Osburn



ISBN: 978-1-55571-941-8
Pages: 258


A fierce predator. A determined young officer.  An incredible plan to change the course of WWII…

As Germany’s U-boat wolf packs prey mercilessly on Allied convoys, Winston Churchill and his military advisors realize that if they don’t quickly change the balance of power in the Atlantic, the war could be lost – and democracy along with it. But how?

Air cover. Yet that seems impossible. Military planes have limited range, it will take years to put more aircraft carriers into service, and time is running out. Enter young Canadian naval officer Colin Williams, who has seen the enemy at its fiercest. He proposes an almost unbelievable plan: Create landing strips from icebergs so the planes can refuel and rearm.

With Churchill’s backing, Colin and his small group of companions go undercover deep in the Canadian wilderness to build a prototype. But they soon find themselves in a race against time with a ruthless Nazi spy who will stop at nothing to ensure they fail.




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