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Gregory L. Marquardt

Gregory L. Marquardt earned a B.A. and M.A. in history with a concentration in military history and German from Southwest Texas State University. He has always held a fascination with military history, especially World War II and the Korean War.

Gregory is a high school teacher with over twenty-five years’ experience. He has taught courses in American history and German, along with other minor subjects. He enjoys learning and loves to travel. Countless volunteer hours with the American Youth Soccer Organization as a referee keep him active and busy. Currently he resides in the Hill Country of Texas. He adores his wife and three daughters.

His personal blog contains a hodgepodge of articles about important military history, German-Texans, German food and travel, outrageous classroom experiences, and best practices. Wingtip to Wingtip is his first book. For more information about Jack and Junior or the author, please visit