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Edmund A. Kruszynski

EDMUND KRUSZYNSKI (Ed) was born in Cleveland, Ohio, to second-generation Polish immigrants. He was the second in his family to finish college and spent the next thirty-two years as an executive in corporate America. When he was younger, he craved to hear more about his father’s service in WWII. But like many other veterans his father never spoke of the war, and when he died his father’s role in the conflict may have been just another forgotten footnote in history.

But a small miracle occurred amid a catastrophic flood. A box was unearthed containing priceless correspondences between his father and mother during the war years. At first Ed thought he would create a nice family narrative to be passed down through the generations. But his goals for the project changed when he got deeper into the research. While working on the project he discovered that his father, a WWII Army medic, witnessed the horrors of the Holocaust first-hand. With the recent wave of hostility and persecution in some parts of the world, Ed decided to take the story to a broader audience. “If we can’t learn from history, how can we make the future a better place?”

Ed is married, has two grown sons, one grandchild, and a golden retriever named Lovey. He occasionally enjoys a glass of fine Kentucky Bourbon, which came in handy when he experienced a few creative lulls while working on this story. The Medic’s Wife is his debut book.

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